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Hypnagogia (Trailer)

Hypnagogia” is a new horror short film, coming from director Lars-Erik Lie from Norway. In 2011 he made the full feature microbudget slasher/exploitation flick “The Thrill of a Kill”. In “Hypnagogia” he returns to basic, and influenced by directors as Mario Bava and Dario Argento, he will present a very stylish horrrorfilm with “Hypnagogia”.

The story is about Johnny, a rapist and serial killer. He also suffers from a terrifying phenomena called sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis a dead girl comes for him, trying to kill him. But strange things happens when he is awake as well, but can dreams become reality? Yes, in sleep paralysis – they can…

Releasedate: Approx. February 2014.
Format: 1080p HD
Language: English.
Run time: Unkown at the moment, possibly around 20 minutes.
Director: Lars-Erik Lie
Production Companies: Violence Productions, 3F.
With: Camilla Vestbø Losvik, Kim Ulvberget, Siri Rønning Bråten, Runulfr Wiðugastir Tyrfing.



Written by Mitchell Wells

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