Sweet Violent Femmes book coverIf you like your horror fiction with a dark and macabre twist from a feminine point of view, then I have a real treat for you. There’s a new short story collection by amazing new author Holly M. Kothe, entitled Sweet Violent Femmes from Skylar Phoenix Publishing.

Print and Kindle versions are available to order on the authors website, A Little Literary (a Lotta Coffee) at:  or at!


“Within a month, my romantic, Lost Generation fantasy of the city had sharpened into reality. The only moveable feast I’d found in Paris was of the fleshly variety – a constant supply of lithe, undulating bodies presented under glass, offering every view to the clientele.” 

In this dark and disturbing collection, Kothe explores themes of the damaged, the devious, and the deranged heroine, and examines the consequences of pushing the female heart one step too far.

The Glass Room
An American girl maintaining her comfortable Parisian lifestyle as a high-end brothel escort faces off with a mysterious client whose sadistic dependencies threaten her livelihood.

After a passionate quarrel with her conflicted lover, a woman realizes that the best kind of relationships are the eternal kind. Sometimes the man just needs a little push …

Seeing Black
A lonely librarian nursing a broken heart gathers liquid courage in preparation for her sister’s visit, and struggles with a peculiar ailment she’s had since puberty.

Feminist Theory
A troubled but diligent chemistry student reacts to the unsavory intentions of a predatory psychology professor.


About author Holly M. Kothe:

I love creating stories and listening to the characters in my head carrying on humourous or sometimes semi-intellectual conversations. Though I am most familiar with the short story, I have written one YA Novel (The Urge) and have just started another. I love this genre, possibly becuase I look back at that age in my life fondly and just haven’t grown up enough.

I spend the bulk of my time mothering my five-year-old son and working full time as a toddler teacher. But I like to sqeeze in some writing fun in the wee early hours (either before or after going to sleep).
I thoroughly enjoy fiction, film, running, singing, and musicals (especially those that are dark, or heavily influenced by sultry cabaret numbers, or both).



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