Natal (Review)

natal posterDirector – Corey Norman (The Hanover House)
Starring – Jessica Fratus, Chara Victoria Gannett (Dark Minds), Erik Moody (The Hanover House), and Andrew Sawyer (The Hanover House)
Release Date – 2013

Being a horror reviewer is one of the most rewarding jobs (or hobbies in my case) that a horror fan can have.  Writing for Horror Society has granted me so many perks but the one I look forward to is reviewing movies before they are released to the public.  A lot of directors reach out to me to review their films as a type of “test” run before releasing it to the rabid horror fans.

Directors also send them out as a type of advertising.  Either way I really enjoy seeing these films before anyone else.  Kinda makes me feel important.  Anyway, indie director Corey Norman reached out to me to review his short Natal.  It was a new one to me so I jumped on it and for that I thank you Corey for taking the time to send it to me!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Carissa (Fratus) as she travels with her friends to her family’s cabin for a weekend getaway.  Recently, Carissa tried to kill herself and her friends brought her out as a way to take her mind off of things. However, this weekend getaway is far from peaceful.

At night she hears scratching in the ceiling that no one else seems to hear.  To make matters worse, her best friend keeps flirting with her boyfriend.  She starts to question her sanity when she continues to hear the scratching but if she is spiraling into insanity is her friends safe…from her?**Spoiler Alert**


I mentioned earlier that I love being able to review films before they are released.  It is so rewarding to know that someone actually gives a damn about what you have to say.  However, not all of these films I am asked to review are worth a damn.  That is not the case with this one.  This movie knocked me for a loop.

The film started out as a typical cabin in the woods style film but moved at a snail’s pace.  The film was not boring by no means but it was just very slow burning.  That is the beauty of short films.  Short films are able to start out slow and then blow your mind with the ending and that is exactly what Norman did with this one here.

The acting is solid all the way through.  The entire cast fit their roles perfectly and made them believable.  I also want to acknowledge Jessica Fratus and her role in the film.  She is amazing in her role and her acting skills is only matched by her beauty.  The story is your typical cabin in the woods story like I mentioned before but this one is not that straight forward.  The film flows more like a psychological thriller that doesn’t try to mind fuck…and I like that.

Finally, those looking for on screen kills will not find them here but if you want some great special effects and a lot of gore then please look no further.  The films uses off camera deaths but the film is still good and bloody.  Overall, this film is short, sweet, and bloody as hell.  The film starts out slow but still packs one hell of a punch.  I highly recommend it!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.