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The brutal Dutch thrash metal band Legion of the Damned have just released audio samples from their entire upcoming album “Ravenous Plague”.   You can check those audio samples out down below to find out why you need to buy this upcoming album.  Read on below for more details.

From The Press Release

2014 might prove to be yet another pivotal year for LEGION OF THE DAMNED, asRavenous Plague makes it more than clear that the evolution of the band is far from over. The return to Andy Classen as producer duties was a great move, as no one else knows the band better than Classen.  The album’s introduction was composed by Jo Blankenburg, who wrote music for blockbuster films including such as Harry Potter”, “X-Men” and “300”. Wes Benscoter, who has worked with numerous bands including Slayer, created the artwork for Ravenous Plague.  There is a storm brewing in the camp of LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and it won’t be silenced anytime soon.

Today the LEGION OF THE DAMNED has posted an exclusive YouTube clip featuring audio samples from every song on their new album Ravenous Plague.  Check out the new audio preview HERE.

Ravenous Plague is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Back in 2004, when LEGION OF THE DAMNED rose from the ashes of OCCULT in the Dutch city of Venlo, where the music scene yearned for pure and brutal thrash metal. In 2005, Maurice Swinkels (vocals), Erik Fleuren (drums), Twan Fleuren (bass) and Richard Ebisch (guitar) teamed up with producer Andy Classen and entered his Stage-One-Studio (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) in order to record Malevolent Rapture a true classic of Euro-Thrash!

About eight busy and productive years later, the quartet comes full circle with the release of their latest album Ravenous Plague that harkens back to their phenomenal debut. Twan Van Geel took over the guitar duties from Richard Ebisch and excels on Ravenous Plague with his skills on the guitar. Hein Willekens has also joined LEGION OF THE DAMNED on stage as their second guitarist. All these changes are examples of the newly lit fire and newfound strength of the band.


Ravenous Plague Tracklisting:

1.     The Apocalyptic Surge

2.     Howling For Armageddon

3.     Black Baron

4.     Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon

5.     Ravenous Abominations

6.     Doom Priest

7.     Summon All Hate

8.     Morbid Death

9.     Bury Me in a Nameless Grave

10.  Armalite Assassin

11.  Strike of the Apocalypse


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