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I’m a huge fan of classic movie poster artwork, especially from the golden age of poster art from the 1930’s thru the 1980’s. That was when movie one-sheets had heart and plenty of soul and were all  hand drawn.  They often told a story through the art, it’s an art form that’s been mostly lost the past 30 years or so.   I recently saw the brand new poster for director Tommy Faircloth’s short film The Cabin, and it is nothing short of spectacular.  The new art is far better than the previous poster that was being used and I have it here for you guys to check out.

The new poster artwork is by Marc Schoenbach who has created the new one-sheet in the retro style of the 1980’s VHS box art that was prevalent during the time.   These types of cover designs is what Schoenbach specializes in and you can check out more of his work at his Sadist Art Designs blog.

The Cabin is written and directed by Tommy Faircloth (Crinoline Head, Generation Ax) through his Horse Creek Productions shingle.  The film stars Jason Vail, Morgan Monnig, and Shelby Washburn.

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Plot Synopsis

In The Cabin we meet Laura (Morgan Monnig) who is packing for a trip to her boyfriend John’s (Jason Vail – Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Gut) vacation cabin in the mountains.  Laura’s best friend warns her not to go as she has only been on three dates with John who she met online and does not know him well enough.  Laura states that John has been a perfect gentleman and trusts him completely.  Once at his cabin, Laura notices that John’s behavior has changed and is acting strangely.  She begins to feel apprehensive about being there, that something is not quite right.  Is it all in her head, or does she have good reason to be afraid of John?

The Cabin has been on the festival circuit for the past year and has been doing extremely well and has garnered some impressive nominations and awards including:

  •  “Best Short” at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival
  • “Best Short” at the Wilson College Horror Film Festival
  • “Best Short at the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival
  • “Best Short at the Scared Stiff Halloween Film Festival
  • “Best Psycho Short” at Fear Fete Film Festival
  • “Best Actor” to Jason Vail at Fear Fete Film Festival
  • Nomination for “Best Actor” to Jason Vail at the San Antonio Horrific Film Fest
  • Nomination for “Best Actress” to Morgan Monnig at the San Antonio Horrific Film Fest
  • Nomination for “Best Produced Screenplay” at the San Antonio Horrific Film Fest

Watch the trailer for The Cabin here:

Check out the new poster for The Cabin by artist Marc Schoenbach below:

The Cabin movie poster 3

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