Turn the Blood Soaked Pages in this Preview for Deadly Revisions (New Stills)


Actor and director Gregory Blair has unveiled several images from his horror title Deadly Revisions. This feature stars Bill Oberst Jr., Mihail Blokh and Cindy Merrill. And, actor Obest Jr. stars as Torn, a horror writer who is missing memories of his past. Deadly Revisions will release in 2014 as the film tours several film festivals.

To expand on the story, Torn is a character recovering from a coma. He cannot remember his past. Through hypnotherapy and his own discovery, Torn slowly uncovers his past. But, Torn’s past reveals true nightmares.

Deadly Revisions is a blend of both fiction and reality. Now, several stills, which show Torn and several other characters, are available below. Horror fans can expect more from this release in 2014 and onward.

























Release Date: 2014. Director/writer: Gregory Blair.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Mikhail Blokh , Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart, Ronny Coleman, Gregory Blair, Dawna Lee Heising and Shaun Gerardo.

The film’s official teaser trailer is available here:


The film’s official fan page, on Facebook:


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