I, Zombie

Jinga Films will be releasing a trilogy of films from influential genre director Andrew Parkinson.  Parkinson was at the forefront of the British horror revival in the 1990’s.  The DVD trilogy includes ‘I, Zombie’ / Dead Creatures / Venus Drowning and will be released on February 18th, 2014.  You can get more information on the trilogy below.

From The Press Release

Collectors of rare horror DVD’s are in for a real treat in 2014 as Jinga prepares to release a trilogy of body horror films by veteran genre director Andrew Parkinson. Recognised as one of the founding fathers of the 1990’s British horror revival, the director has re-mastered each DVD and packed it with added value, including behind the scenes footage and commentaries. Moreover, the trilogy includes the previously unreleased VENUS DROWNING which recieved such acclaim at Fantastic Fest in Austin.

I, Zombie

I ZOMBIE: While on a trip to the countryside, a young man is bitten by a stranger. When he returns to the city, a slow degeneration begins. In order to survive he must eat human flesh. Against his own conscience he embarks on a killing spree, dragging his victims to his living room where he devours them limb by limb.
“One of the very best British horror films of the past 20 years,
a bleak, powerful tale of horror, introspection and social realism”
. – MJ Simpson


DEAD CREATURES: A group of young women have a terrible, degenerative illness which forces them to murder and feed on human flesh. As they adjust to this carnivorous existence, their only concerns are where to find flesh and how to avoid a zombie hunter.
“A study in contrast between dark, brutal savagery and caring companionship.
A superb example of the burgeoning millenial rebirth of British horror cinema”
 – MJ Simpson


VENUS DROWNING: After a failed suicide attempt a vulnerable woman moves to a remote seaside town where she finds a limbless creature on the beach. Soon a quasi-sexual relationship develops between the two with the creature feeding of orgasms.​
“Enigmatic, Cronenbergian body horror set in an evocatively desolate British seaside locale.
An extraordinary film, sort of The Brood meets Liquid Sky”.
 – MJ Simpson

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