ArME/LUST (Review)

Director – Keith Voigt Jr.
Starring – April McKinley, Dylan Rhodes, Alexander Suder, and Viki Filaretova
Release Date – 2014
Rating – 3.5/5

I absolutely love when a filmmaker turns his focus, attention, and talent into making a short instead of a feature film.  As I have stated more than once, I love how quick and explosive most shorts tend to be.  Time is of the essence so they have a big story to deliver in a short period of time.  That is why I love shorts so much.  Most shorts start out with a bang and end with a bang leaving out unnecessary dialogue and scenes filled with filler.

Several months back I met director Keith Voigt Jr. on Facebook and learned that he directed the two shorts ArME and LUST.  The artwork immidiatley let me know these two shorts were not the typical films I review but I am always open for anything and when Voigt offered me links to the screeners I jumped at the chance.


**Spoiler Alert**ArME follows a young Iraq war veteran that has returned state side and has a hard time adjusting to civilian life.  He starts to suffer flashbacks of firefights when he was in Iraq and withdraws from society.  He soon finds an arms dealer and arms himself before going on a killing spree.

LUST follows a barista who is obsessed with a customer that visits everyday.  She makes multiple advancements at him and he declines everyday citing that he is happily engaged.  However, she can not take no for an answer and drugs his coffee.  She takes him back to her home where she ties him down.  He still denies her and she takes matters into her own hands…literally.**Spoiler Alert**

There are different kind of shorts when it comes to the horror world.  For the most part, I prefer to have my horror shorts simple, bloody, and plenty of action. However, not all directors make horror films like that and most of the time these films are over my head and intended for the more intellectual crowd.  That is the best way to describe ArME and LUST.  The film is beautifully shot, simple, and beautiful in almost every way you slice it.

The acting in both shorts are phenomenal.  Everyone was perfectly cast for their roles.  They put all they had into their roles and it shows.  It also should be noted that April McKinley is fucking hot!  The story for both shorts need to be handled separately.  ArME is a story already told but it is new to cinema.  Horror stories have been told for years about returning veterans coming back to the states and no longer fitting in.  This was a great story and really eye opening.  LUST is one that has been told before just not to the extremes that this film goes.  This particular short is very fucked up and unnerving.

Finally, both shorts showcase decent special effects and a nice kill or two.  However, these are not made to throw blood and guts at the viewer.  They are, however, made to tell a story and they both do that job very well.  Overall, ArME and LUST are beautifully filmed shorts that show how horrifying the real world can be.  Check them out if you ever get the chance.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.