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The Ungovernable Force


Ungovernable Films out of Boston is hard at work on preproduction of our third feature film, The Ungovernable Force. The film is a b-horror exploitation film about a group of punk rockers and bums that team up to take down a rapist nazi police unit. Think street trash, maniac cop, and class of 1984 all rolled into one! It will be gory, fun, and made using all practical effects because FUCK CGI! We need all the help we can get to promote our kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

We have a bunch of b-movie talent signed on to the cast such as Lloyd Kaufman the king of Troma, Tony Moran the original Michael Myers from Halloween (1978 film), Troma Entertainment legend Bill Weeden from Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Apache Ramos from The Warriors, Debbie Rochon “Screamqueen of the Decade” of the 90s, Steve Ignorant of Crass, zounds’ Steve Lake, Angelic Upstarts’ Tommy Mensforth, Zillah Minx, Merle C Allin brother of the late GG Allin, & more.

We are doing a kickstarter to help raise funds to pay for all of these heroes of ours to be in our movie. We have some cool incentives including becoming a producer in the film, appearing in a scene with Tony Moran, a “FUCK CGI!” shirt, and more!

Here’s the kickstarter link:


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