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What is the Worst Symptom of Demonic Possession? Bill Oberst Jr, Elissa Dowling, Debra Lamb, Melantha Blackthorne and More Answer Inside!

deliverusfromevilTomorrow, July 2, 2014, a new horror-thriller, Deliver Us From Evil, is hitting theatres across America, Canada, the Philippines, and Sweden. All other countries will follow in the proceeding weeks. Deliver Us From Evil is one in dozens of movies dealing with possession that have been spawned since the 2005 phenomena The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  This time around, a New York City police officer begins investigating disturbing, violent, and unexplainable crimes with the help of a rogue priest, who just so happens to be extremely knowledgeable in the art of exorcism. Based on a book inspired by real events, the movie will showcase the police officer and the priest as they go head to head with demonically possessed patrons and combat the evil forces plaguing the city.

Since The Exorcism of Emily Rose was released to mainstream media seven years ago, horror fans have seen a brand new form of terror that hadn’t been explored before. Sure, the 1973 iconic film – The Exorcist – and its following sequels all dealt with demonical possessed people, but the intensity level has only heightened recently due to advances in film and the depraved minds who churn out movie scripts. Think of all the crazy things we’ve seen in the past couple of years: bug eating, spine breaking convulsions, black eyes and talking in tongues, self harm and depravation, and of course – lots and lots of unfortunate, explosive bodily functions!

With this in mind, I set out on a little research and study to see what people’s opinions were in reference to being possessed. I asked about 35 people one question: “What do you think is the worst symptom of demonic possession?” In previous Twitter studies, I asked horror icons and regulars, reality television stars, models and singers, professional wrestlers, and any other entertainment job you could think of. This go around I decided to stick to the horror community and asked only those working in our favorite genre of film. There responses were across the board – anything from sexual relations with crosses to rotating heads to even a more practical, realistic symptom. So, let me take a minute to introduce you to the panel incase you don’t recognize someone.

Bill Oberst Jr. (The Shunning, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Circus of the Dead), Elissa Dowling (Dracula’s Curse, Death Racers, Dahmer vs. Gacy), Debra Lamb (Beverly Hills Vamp, The Invisible Maniac, The G-String Horror), Damian Maffei (Closed for the Season, Night of the Pumpkin, Christmas with the Dead), Richard Tanne (“Cinema Cool,” Swamp Shark, Mischief Night), Christian Jude Grillo (director: Deer Crossing, Apocalypse Kiss), Carmela Hayslett (Boley, “Roxsy Tyler’s Carnival of Horrors,” Death Follows), Cameron McCasland (director: The Lashman, “Go Green with Dr. Gangrene), Lia Scott Price (author/producer: Vampire Guardian Angels), Bobby Ray Akers Jr. (creator: Frosty: Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse), Jamie Bernadette (Son of Sam, Lake Death, Reel Evil), Mike O’Mahony (director: Deadly Detour, Sloppy the Psychotic, I.B.S.), Julie Ann Hamolko (Perservation, Cut), Jack Thomas Smith (director: Infliction), Jessica Cameron (Camel Spiders, Silent Night, Truth or Dare), Andrew Roth (15 Til Midnight, The Man in the Maze, Waterfront Nightmare), Melanie Robel (Stopped Dead, Alien Vengeance, Bikini Monsters), Melantha Blackthorne (Sinners and Saints, Death Race, No Strings 2), Richard Diaz (director: Distortion), Bianca Allaine Barnett (Albino Farm, “The Crawling Dead,” M is for Miscarriage), and Brooke Scher (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Growing up with I Spit on Your Grave).

And remember, Deliver Us From Evil hits theatres nationwide tomorrow!



Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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