Alex Kurtzman To Unwrap ‘The Mummy’ As Director For Universal!

The Mummy 1932 image

In a story we brought to you a couple of weeks back, Universal is planning to remake/reboot whatever you want to call it, all of their Classic Monsters, including Dracula,Frankenstein, The Bride, The Wolf Man, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, and Phantom of the Opera. Today, word has come down that one of the men behind the resurrection of these monsters, Alex Kurtzman (pictured below), has been tapped to direct the first film down the pipe. Kurtzman will tackle The Mummy for Universal. Get all the details below.

Per Deadline, The studio is setting Kurtzman to direct the resuscitation of The Mummy franchise. The studio has been trying to resurrect The Mummy for a while now. The last incarnation was a trilogy from Stephen Sommers that did pretty good for the studio. The films starring Brendan Frasier grossed $1.2 billion and there has been several people tied to the remake but none have panned out.

The Universal resuscitation effort covers classic monster franchises from Frankenstein and Dracula to Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Universal did what Warner Bros did when it consolidated the DC Comics franchises that were spread out to producers all over the lot, and instead organized a cohesive plan that seems to be working. Maybe we’ll get a procession of monster pics as a result.

More word on this as it develops.


Source: Deadline

Written by Michael Juvinall

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