Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head (Review)

Director – Tommy Faircloth (Crinoline Head, The Cabin)
Starring – Debbie Rochon (Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Splatter Disco), John Kap (Swamp Murders, WCW), and Jason Vail (The Cabin, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies)
Release Date – 2014
Rating 4/5

Tagline – “Legends don’t die…they kill”

Sequels and remakes are two words that often make horror fans cringe.  Horror fans are the most arrogant fans there is.  They have a sense of entitlement and most feel that if a filmmaker is going to make a new movie it needs to be something new and bold.  However, I am not your typical horror fan. I love when a filmmaker takes on a story I already love and enjoy. Sequels are able to take characters I already love and extend their story.  In the case of horror films it usually gives me a reason to watch some of my favorite killers do what they do best and slaughter the innocent.

Last year I met director Tommy Faircloth on Facebook where he sent me review copies of his three films.  Among those three flicks was the 1995 slasher Crinoline Head.  I really enjoyed the film though it was extremely campy and cliched.  Not long after reviewing that film I received word that Tommy was at it again and this time he was working on a sequel to Crinoline Head.  This sequel, that was originally titled Crinoline Head 2, excited the hell out of me so I waited…waited..and waited until just a few days ago when Tommy sent me an online screener.  Thanks Tommy!


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the students of Professor Paul Donner (Vail).  Paul was one of two survivors of the Crinoline Head massacre back in 1995.  He is now an esteemed college professor who is struggling to rebuild his life after his wife left him due to his obsession with Crinoline Head.  She was also a survivor of that dreadful day and wants nothing to do with it.  Anyway, Paul’s students are working on small group projects when two students discover his dark past.

They request that Paul allow them to do a documentary style report on Crinoline Head and he agrees.  The students then steal all his work on Dorchester (Crinoline Head) and head to the spot that all this happened.  Tagging along for the ride is two young girls but more classmates decide to follow them and crash their report.  However, more things than school work is getting crashed when they soon discover that Crinoline Head is alive and well!  We also can’t forget about the drag queens, bitches! **Spoiler Alert**

Horror sequels are exciting with the possibility of seeing our favorite stories pushed forward into new territory. Sadly, not all sequels are worth a damn.  In fact, most could care less about the fans and their feelings and their only reason for existing is to cash in on the success of the first film.  With that being said, Dorchester’s Revenge is the perfect continuation of the first film.  This is one sequel that does not disappoint.

The acting in this one is fun but several cast members showed their inexperience.  Horror vet Debbie Rochon made her role fun as hell and brought an extreme amount of humor to the film.  Then we switch gears up a bit and we have Jason Vail who delivers a serious role that was superb.  He is an actor I am surprised has not made a bigger name for himself.

The story for the film is fun and continues the story from the first film very nicely.  The film gives us even more insight on Dorchester, as well as, giving us even more camp and cheese.  The film also took the modern slasher back the their bloody roots and took us back into the woods.  This is a great throwback and a sequel!

Finally, the film does have a metric shit ton of on screen deaths.  Most of these deaths are very bloody and fun as hell.  They also showed a little bit of creativity reminding me even more of the slashers from the 80s.  Overall, Dorchester’s Revenger is a fine horror film and possibly the best sequel to any horror movie that I have seen.  It is bloody, raunchy, and funny as hell.  I highly recommend this one!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.