Science Team (Review)


Director – Drew Bolduc (The Taint)
Starring – Vito Trigo (Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1), Richard Spencer (The Taint), and Emily Marsh (Daybreak)
Release Date – 2014
Rating – 4/5

Tagline – “I want you for science”

I love a good gore filled horror film but sometimes I love to watch a horror movie that just doesn’t take itself too seriously.  I love all types of horror but my favorite is the horror comedies.  The world of indie horror has seen countless horror comedies arise over the years bit none have left an impression on me like Drew Bolduc’s The Taint.

I had heard of the film for months before I finally let my curiosity get the best of me and ordered it.  I ordered the film and as soon as it arrives I threw it in and fell in love with it.  I watched the film at least 5 times that week.  Not long after I watched the film I learned that Drew was working on a new film called Science Team.  I wanted to see the film so I waited patiently for what seemed like forever until Drew sent me an online screener.  Thanks Drew.


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows writer Chip (Trigo).  Chip leaves his girlfriend because she just sits around all day eating ice cream and watching TV.  He leaves and walks to his mother’s home in the rain. Once he arrives there something in the home attacks him telepathically. He then finds the lifeless body of his mother and calls the police.  The police arrive and blame him for the murder until they look in a room and find a strange creature there.  The beast shoots out acid and kills one of the cops and a group of scientists called Science Team come to investigate.

Chip is freaked out and kills a Science Team member before he is subdued and tied to a chair. He is able to break free an goes on a rampage killing Science Team members before their leader captures him.  The two fight where Chip kills him and starts to flee again.  However, the alien beast uses his telekinetic powers to start killing Science Team members before they destroy it with a flamethrower.  **Spoiler Alert**

What I loved about Drew’s film The Taint was that it put the fun back in movies.  I have seen so many films the last year or so that was a chore to watch.  Nothing pulled me in and held my attention.  However, Science Team was the complete opposite.  This film was able to draw me in and not let me go.  In fact, when the movie was done I was a little pissed there wasn’t more for me to watch.

The acting in this film is great.  All the characters are over the top which is something that we first saw in The Taint.  Every scene is a stroke of brilliance and we have this amazing cast to thank for that.  The story for this one is nothing new but fuck was it fun as hell.  We have seen countless films where a government agency or some top secret group has to take on an alien menace.  However, this time the story was taken on in a way that would make Troma proud.  I love it and I can’t wait to see what Drew has for us next.

Finally, the film has tons of great on screen kills and special effects.  We get a lot of brutal and savage kills to balance out this comedy and remind us that we are watching a film with horror roots.  The special effects for these kills is also very impressive and a vast improvement over the kills we got in The Taint.  Overall, Science Team is one hell of an indie film.  This film has laughs, a great cast, and some amazing kills.  If you like your horror with a side of laughs then this film is for you.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.