Make Them Die Sleazy! (Review)


Director(s) – John Miller (Vomit Soup) and Chris Woods (Taste Me)
Starring – Joel D. Wynkoop (Joe Vampire), Joe Makowski (Amerikan Holokaust), and Rod Grant (Die Die Delta Pi)
Release Date – 2014
Rating – 3/5

Anthology films are something I always look forward to watching but dread reviewing.  I always feel the need to pick apart each story as if they are their own film instead of looking at the film as a whole.  Most of the time an anthology will consist of three or more stories wrapped into one film with one coherent story holding them all together.  A majority of the time we get several solid stories in these films with a few pulling the film down.  That is why I prefer to look at each story separately because some are just better than others.

Early last year I received word that the fucked up minds behind The Sleaze Box and Amerikan Holokaust were working on an anthology film and they ran a contest to pick the title of the film.  The winning entry was Make Them Die Sleazy.  I was excited to see just how far John Miller and Chris Woods would go with their newest flick after watching the vile and disgusting Amerikan Holokaust.  I waited patiently and as soon as I could I ordered myself a copy and put it on display until now.


**Spoiler Alert**This anthology film follows a beautiful young lady who returns home after a wild night and tries to unwind by watching a little television.  She turns on the t.v. and meets horror host Mr. Sleaze (Wynkoop in one of his many roles) who takes her on a ride through 8 different tales.  The first tale follows a young woman who lets out a vengeful spirit after checking some photos in an email.  The spirit haunts her apartment before trapping her in a photo.

The second story follows an unstable man who kills his wife only to find out she had an abortion…or did she?  Did he really kill her?  The third story follows a young man who is sneaking out and seeing another woman behind his wife’s back until another man catches him up in the act only to reveal things are not as they seem.  The fourth story follows a landlord that suspects one of his tenants is a monster and responsible for a recent death.  The fifth story follows a late night talk show host who is down on his luck who makes a deal he wish he could back out of.  The sixth tale follows two detectives who are searching for a thief who is stealing socks for some sick game.

The seventh tale is about a hit-man who is having a hard time forgetting about his last hit.  The eight and final tale follows the same two detectives as before as they work a case involving a prostitute only to discover something far more sinister is afoot.  **Spoiler Alert**

What I really like about anthology films is that a few strong stories can still save the film from the shitty ones. I have yet to see an anthology film where every story was just as good as the others. It just doesn’t happen. However, with a solid anthology film the good far outweighs the bad and Make Them Die Sleazy is no exception. This film starts out a little rough only to gain in momentum and finish strong.

The acting in this one is not the best I have seen but in all fairness it is a one man show. Joel D. Wynkoop is the star in most of these stories but his performance is never consistent. In some of the stories he is nothing short but brilliant while in others he is incoherent and hard to follow. The remainder of the cast tries to keep up with Wynkoop but is unable to do so. The stories for this one range through a variety of topics and genres. The first two stories are rather boring and bland then we get a very Twilight Zone inspired noir piece that changes the pace of the film. The remainder of the film only improves and we have some funny stories involving sock puppets, cannibal hookers, and more Twilight Zone inspired stories. The remaining stories are funny and definitely worthwhile.

Finally, the film has a few on screen kills that are not that great and are a bit of a let down. However, we do get some solid special effects to make up for the lake on screen kills. Overall, Make Them Die Sleazy is a fun anthology film that starts out slow but is able to get the ball rolling along with the sleazy laughs. If you like raunchy films with over-the-top characters and “what the fuck just happened” stories then this film is for you.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.