Naughty Dirty Nasty (Review)


Director – Chris Woods (Make Them Die Sleazy!)
Starring – Krystal Pixie Adams (Joe Vampire, Die Die Delta Pi), Ashley Lynn Caputo (Amerikan Holokaust, American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore), and Alice Reigns
Release Date – 2014
Rating – 3.5/5

The Sleaze Box and their films are are not always my cup of tea but John Miller and Chris Woods are two of the most dedicated indie horror fans and filmmakers that I have met and this has earned my respect.  As long as they keep making films I will keep buying them regardless if I like them or not.  A few months back Chris and John hit me up with some news about a film titledNaughty Dirty Nasty.

This film took The Sleaze Box back to their sleazy roots.  Before making films, Chris and John made top 5 lists on YouTube and they usually revolved around exploitation, sexploitation, nunsploitation…the mother fuckers like tits.  Not much was released in the way of the film’s story but the cover art alone was enough for me to buy it.  It wasn’t until I was on vacation that I was able to make the time to check it out and holy shit!


**Spoiler Alert**The story follows a young girl who heads off to sleep one night and is visited by a sex demon.  He shows her different worlds with different sexual pleasures where she meets several beautiful women and they all get down and dirty.  However, over time her pleasure turns to pain when the girls turn dark and start inflicting pain while eating guts during their sexual exploits.  This sexual dream turns into a painful nightmare but is it something she wants to stop?**Spoiler Alert**

One thing I have come to expect from a Sleaze Box original is that it will always blow your mind regardless if they go the sleazy or the grotesque routes.  Before I started watching this film I immediately knew this film would go the sleazy and sexy route but that was just an understatement because this film is fucking raunchy.

The acting in this film is non-existent which is fine due to the way this film was shot.  We have a few moments of Bob Glacier as a demons snarling, speaking in incoherent ramblings but the remainder of the film is just a bunch of hot ass women kissing, licking, moaning and squirming.  With all that being said, all the women are smoking hot so the cast is great!  The story for this one is simple, short, and very sweet.  The point of this is to not tell a story but to showcase the near perfect body of Krystal Pixie Adams.  Typically a film like this would not work but the film throws in just enough strange and unusual to keep the viewer going.

Finally, the film has no real on screen kills but does have a bucket of gore that looks decent.  However, if you grab a title called Naughty Dirty Nasty and expect to see great kills then you are a fucking idiot.  Overall, Naughty Dirty Nasty is an erotic horror film that flirts with the line between porn and art.  The film is surreal and beautiful.  Fans of sleazy cinema will not get enough of this film, Krystal, and the other beautiful ladies in this flick.  Check it out but put on your boner pants!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.