Author Nick Kisella releases Morningstars sequel, Darque & Obscure.

644428_10153290160569672_4315651142548016485_nNick Kisella hasn’t been relaxing and enjoying his award for “Best Book or Comic” that he earned from the 2015 Horror Society Awards. No, he’s been hard at work, diligently writing his latest novel, Darque & Obscure. Not only is the novel a sequel to 2014’s five-star rated Morningstars, but it’s also his second book published within the last six months!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Kisella has been an author, editor and screenwriter since the early 80s. He’s published articles and stories in all forms of literature for decades and Darque & Obscure promises to keep old fans satisfied with his classical style of storytelling while reeling in new pairs of eyes with exciting, never before seen elements in the Morningstars series.

Darque & Obscure is described as a combination of horror and the supernatural with helpings of thrills, suspense, crime and murder lining the pages that will ensure that readers get a wicked tale of mayhem! The plot is described as: Brothers Darque and Obscure are finally free from the threat of their demonic father, B’lial. As Louis Darque struggles to move on with his life, Obscure learns more about himself, battling demons of his own. The brothers are united when a series of homicides occur that are oddly familiar. Is it all a coincidence or are Darque and Obscure still bound to their father?”

Darque & Obscure is currently available on Kindle and Nook courtesy of Black Bed Sheet Books, although a paperback edition will become available to physical book readers just in time for Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey later on this month! For now, you can get the novel for only $2.99 by clicking the link below!

Download Darque & Obscure on Kindle!


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)