Gas Station Horror returns July 11 with another live improv show!


Gas Station Horror, one of my favorite improv shows and one of the only shows dedicated solely to horror, is returning for another live event on July 11. The show is an hour long and doors open at 9:30PM at The PIT – Underground on 123 E 24th St in New York. Tickets are currently on sale for $10 and you can order them here

Gas Station Horror is a monthly, high-energy improv show that turns bad horror movies into great comedy.

Host J. W. Crump is joined by a talented group of horror-philes from the major comedy theaters in New York. After playing clips from low-rent horror movies, the improvisers take the stage to finish the scene in new and hilarious ways. Shows also feature give-aways, sponsored raffles, and fresh horror trivia. Horror movie fan or not, you’ll love this wild and fast show!

Tech by Anthony Velez

Gas Station Horror is J. W. Crump, Sean Reidy, Connor McClure, B. J. Thorne, Josh Krebs, Kaitlin Fontana, Sam Jackel, Michelle Francesca Thomas, Keisha Zollar, Tim Mele, and Ali Gordon.

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