Slasher Weekend (Review)


Director – Joel D. Wynkoop (Lost Faith, The Bite)
Starring – Bob Glazier ($kumbagz, Amerikan Holokaust), Joel D. Wynkoop, and Ashley Lynn Caputo (Death-Scort Service, American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore)
Release Date – 2015
Rating 2.5/5

The Sleaze Box.  These fine folks have released some of the raunchiest films to ever hit the underground.  They have brought us Amerikan Holokaust, $kumbagz, Naughty Dirty Nasty, andMake Them Die Sleazy.  They have also partnered with Gatorblade and released two of my favorite flicks from them this far, Joe Vampire and Death-Scort Service.

A few months back The Sleaze Box announced that they would be releasing the new Joel D. Wynkoop slasher appropriately titled Slasher Weekend.  The artwork, shown above, looked fucking awesome and really impressed me.  The film was supposedly shot mostly in 2005 and Wynkoop finally was able to finish the film this year.  I decided to reach out to TSB and Chris Woods was kind enough to send a copy my way to check out.  Thanks guys for letting me check this one out!


**Spoiler Alert**The film begins with an old man sitting around a campfire as someone approaches him in the woods.  He then begins to tell his new companion a story about a gay man who blows off his boyfriend to spend time with his best friend.

The two decide to go stay in a cabin in the woods but her boyfriend, a homophobic asshole, decides to tag along in hopes of securing some ass.  What they don’t know is that there is a homicidal maniac stalking and killing in the woods nearby.**Spoiler Alert**

Me and The Sleaze Box have a weird relationship.  I support these two mother fuckers fully and will continue to do so.  Not because I like their films, but because they both are the nicest people I have met during my short time at Horror Society.  Both these men, Chris Woods and John Miller, have sent me exclusives, news, and updates to post on the site.  As for their films. some are hit and miss with me.

Most of their films are great and really entertain me but some just did not roll that well with me.  This is not something uncommon.  A filmmaker can not hammer out films that all their fans will enjoy.  I mean, Romero did direct Bruiser.  Anyway, this was the first film I had seen from Wynkoop so I was excited but I could see that it is not a conventional horror flick.

The acting in this one is fun and straight out of the S.O.V. era.  The characters are very loud and over-dramatic.  The cast did a great job at bringing their role to life.  The stand out performances come from Wnykoop himself and Sleaze Box veteran Bob Glazier.  Wynkoop did a great job in his role and was a very convincing homophobe.  In fact, he was so good at playing a sexist asshole that I wanted to punch him myself.  He gets real praise from me in that aspect.  Glazier did a great job as well and brought the acting back to real levels.  His scenes did a great job at bringing the film back to the traditional horror atmosphere where the remainder of the film was a solid horror comedy.

The story for this one is your typical slasher fair but it was obvious that the film had been patched together years apart.  The first part follows the three into the woods where they fight and bicker among themselves.  This part had some humor and slight laughs but really did nothing for the horror or the sleaze we expect from TSB.  The second part of the film. and obviously more recent shoot, followed beautiful women into the woods where they are forced to go topless and die at the hands of a weird mask man.  This part of the film was exactly how I envisioned this slasher and wish that the entire film was shot in this manner.

Finally, the film does have several on screen kills that is sexy and bloody.  Most of the kills feature partially naked women who are stabbed or cut.  The kills are bloody but they use minimal practical effects.  However, the viewer will be distracted from this by the breasts.  Overall, Slasher Weekend is a slasher that has all the elements that horror fans love about the sub-genre but it is unable to properly put them together.  The film has boobs, blood, and a masked killer but the story is scenes patched together making it hard to fully enjoy.




Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.