Sad News From Don’t Fuck in the Woods


From the press release:

On September 26, at 2:15am, production was shut down on the set of “Don’t Fuck in the Woods” due to events outside of the film’s control.  This event ended with costing the project an entire night’s worth of crucial shooting. Cast and crew were flown in from outlying states and the major leg of filming had begun.  Unfortunately a nest of yellow jackets hidden under ground were disturbed; resulting with individuals receiving multiple, serious stings.  One actress went into anaphylactic shock and an EMS team was dispatched to set.  After closer inspection of the set, it was deemed unsafe to return and recommence shooting. While the actress was willing to return to set after receiving treatment for her allergic reaction, it was unaminously decided that the film (while riddled with prior production issues) needed to go on hold until next spring.

Scenes were completed the following day and more than half of the film is shot and being edited.  The major reason for the hold on production lies with actors’ scheduling (many of the cast  are booked for other jobs and recasting/reshooting is not an option).  Also the seasons in Ohio have changed greatly and can no longer pass for a summertime setting. The entire production team discussed the best options for finishing the project and all are committed to return to set to complete filming in spring of 2016.

Director Shawn Burkett attached this statement to the press release on Monday, 09/28/2015- “Putting my cast & crew in harm’s way is not something I am about. I myself being allergic to insect stings, and seeing one member of my team having a severe reaction, I really had to reevaluate everyone’s safety. That set is not safe currently. We lost hours of prime shooting due to this incident and it really did set the entire film back.  The yellow jackets ’refused’ to allow any of us to get close enough to clear our set. The equipment couldn’t even be cleared completely until the following afternoon. And even still, we were finding these things in our clothes, equipment bags, and even possibly ruined an expensive piece of lighting equipment. With that being said, I apologize for yet another delay, but on the bright side this gives us a little more time for special f/x (we found a great artist, Derek Wehrley, who joined our team  in the 11th hour and really came through for us). This project, which we jokingly call cursed, will come out bigger & bloodier in the end.  My promises, the perks from our campaigns, and everything associated with this film will be made good on.

My cast and crew completely stand behind me, Concept Media, and the decision to make ‘Don’t Fuck in the Woods’ as safely and beautifully as possible. Everyone will get the movie they backed. To see the progress that has been made a segment of this film is being released to anyone who has back our fundraisers or pre-ordered the finished product.”

The film is slated to recommence principle photography in spring 2016 with a new targeted release for July.

Written by Blacktooth

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