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Empire Films Releases ‘The Brides of Sodom’ on Amazon VOD


After a successful first launch of the film, Empire Films is now releasing “The Brides of Sodom” on Amazon Video. The sexy cult vampire movie is now available to stream on Amazon’s Video on Demand (

The story is a deep tale of decadence and erotica containing major stylized horror themes where internal wars are waged and buckets of blood flow. On top of that, there are incredibly erotic sex scenes; gay, straight, and lesbian, where anything goes for these back-stabbing bisexual vampires. The film is shot around surreal and post-apocalyptic sets accented by lavish, dark gothic atmospheres.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires are named after Greek Gods, and witches rule. It is a classic vampire story with some real twists. The plot centers around a male vampire named Eros who falls in love with a human named Samuel. Eros wants to “save” Samuel and make him a vampire, but Eros evil vampire lover, Dionysus, has other ideas. Matters are further complicated by Eros’ sister/lover, Persephone, an ambiguous bookkeeper and three witches, who know secrets of the universe and The Laws Of Eternity.

The movie centers around an impressive cast of sexy cult stars. The list of leads include international horror actor Domiziano Arcangeli (Samuel), gay porn star David Taylor (Eros), cult horror actors Peter Stickles (Dominic) and Dylan Vox (Dionysus) as well as the sultry Rachel Zeskind (Persephone) and the seductive Beverly Lynne (Mistress) and directed by Creep Creepersin.
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Written by Mitchell Wells

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