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Horrify Me Pays Tribute to Dawn of the Dead


UK horror photography studio HORRIFY ME has created a brand new set of images to pay tribute to one of the greatest zombie flicks of all time, the original 1978 version of Dawn of the Dead. Directed by George A. Romero and with groundbreaking gore effects by Tom Savini, the film has passed effortlessly into classic status and has a rich following today, despite its age.

Horrify Me, one of the UK’s leading horror photography studios, spends a lot of time creating horrific portraits for people, and in between jobs, the team puts together classic tribute shoots. Recently their Cannibal Holocaust shoot went viral, showcasing how brutal and effective the most simple effects can look.

Their most recent tribute shoot features iconic characters from Dawn of the Dead, including the airport zombie, the Krishna zombie, machete head, and others. Presented as zombie portraits and with no shortage of blood and gore, Horrify Me poured hours into this labour of love to pay homage to the creative genius behind the film.

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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