Jacker 2: Descent to Hell (Review)


Director – Barry Gaines
Starring – Barry Gaines (Jacker), Phillip Herman (Jacker), and Nancy Feliciano (Burglar from Hell)
Release Date – 1996
Rating – 2/5

I love watching sequels.  I specifically enjoy watching direct sequels that continue a story that was previously established in another film.  Sequels are usually fun but they tend to catch hate from people for no fucking reason.  People bitch about sequels and remakes saying filmmakers can no longer come up with original ideas.  What a fucking shitty thing to say.  Sequels and remakes can be fun.

After watching The Sleaze Box release of Jacker I had to go ahead and follow that up with the film’s sequel.  This one was released in 1996 and was directed by Barry Gaines who starred as the detective in the first movie.  Thanks again Chris for sending this one my way.


**Spoiler Alert**The film picks up moments after the first Jacker film with the murderous car jacker laying in a pool of his own blood.  The detective thinks he has killed him and wonders off on his own allowing the jacker ample enough time to get up and make his escape.  He returns to his apartment where he has a hot bath.  Some time passes and the detective is removed from the force due to the events that unfolded with the presumed death of the jacker.  Now a whole new game of cat and mouse it about to be played when the jacker makes his emerges.**Spoiler Alert**

Jacker was one of those films that I could not really find any redeeming qualities in and I was almost certain that Jacker 2 would be no different.  I was right.

The acting in this one is the same exact quality as we saw in the first film.  There is a lot of passion and excitement among the cast but they all lacked on screen experience.  They clearly did not learn to rehearse after the first film.  The story for this one is just a rehashing of the first film but with more plot holes than a day time soap.

The story tried to keep some continuity but this created several flaws.  Like the car bomb victim surviving and was in a coma.  This one is just poorly written where the first was simply written.  Two huge differences.

Finally, this one has several on screen kills but they are very weak and have no redeeming qualities.  In fact, I actually preferred the kills in he first film.  At least they were quick and didn’t try to impress.  Overall, Jacker 2: Decent to Hell is not a quality film.  The acting is decent while the story and kills are far from solid.  If you want something else to watch I would recommend checking out some other Sleaze Box releases.


Written by Blacktooth

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