When Black Birds Fly (Review)


Director – Jimmy ScreamerClauz (Where the Dead Go to Die)
Starring – J.D. Brown (The Cemetery), Brandon Slagle (Dexter), and Devanny Pinn (The Penny Dreadful Picture Show)
Release Date – 2016
Rating -3.5/5

Originality is something we don’t get a lot when it comes to indie horror.  We get films that are very unique in one way or another but they use stories we have seen before.  Some filmmakers are able to take a story we have seen before and make them feel new while others just give us the same thing almost word for word.  One name that is known among the horror community for his original and unique films is Jimmy ScreamerClauz.

A few years back his film Where the Dead Go to Die was a huge hit among the indie horror crowd.  Sadly, I have not seen that one before now but it has been on amazon wishlist for sometime.  Not long ago MVD sent me the newest animated fuckery from ScreamerClauz, When Black Birds Fly.  What was I getting myself into?


**Spoiler Alert**The film is set in a dystopian city of Heaven that is ruled by Caine.  People can not reproduce on their own but can request permission to give birth but instead of sex they are given a giant slug that they carry like a baby.  A couple is allowed to have a child and the wife picks a slug that was about to be put down.  The boy arrives and starts going to school where he starts to question society and the way things are.

People are not allowed to go on the other side of the wall but the little boy and a little girl find a hole in the wall and goes through where they find a dark world.  They find a talking cat who introduces them to a magical fruit that opens up their mind’s eye.  Once they do they discover that Caine’s arch enemy was once his lover before she was raped and tortured by her people forcing Caine out to make his own world.  Now she plans on using the little girl to bring about the end of Heaven.**Spoiler Alert**

I had heard a lot about director Jimmy ScreamerClauz and his films but nothing that I was told before could prepare me for the trance like film that I was about to see.  The film was very unique to say the least and honestly surprised the hell out of me.  There is no way you can mentally prepare for a film like this.

The voice acting for this one is a little off.  The character’s appearance did not match their voice.  We had gentle female characters that had rougher female voices and vice versa.  We also had children characters who was obviously voiced by adults.  This was surprisingly awkward to watch knowing that.  The cast, also, has a hard time conveying emotion and getting their dialogue across without it sounding like they were just reading from paper.  The casting could have been done a little better.

The story for this one is phenomenal.  The whole biblical angle done in crude animation with hallucinogenic backgrounds and scenes really created a fun film.  I really enjoyed the dystopian society ran like a communist dictatorship mixed in with the Adam and Eve angle.  It really created something different that will never be mimicked.  When originality is key, ScreamerClauz went above and beyond to stand out.

Finally, those of you that are looking for blood and gore will see some here but this film is more than that.  This film is all about the story and the different ways to tell it.  The film goes wild with the visual effects and it helps hold the viewer’s attention.  The animations is not the best but considering it is an indie film with no budget, it does not disappoint.  The animation reminded me a lot of the cut scenes from various PS2 games.  Overall, When Black Birds Fly is a beautiful mindfuck that deserves your time.  If you like the artistic side of film making then this one is for you.  Check it out!


Written by Blacktooth

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