The Great American Serial Killer (Review)


Director – Saint Matthew
Starring – Todd Servo, Eddie Benevich (Dead Body Man), and Angelina Leigh (Dangerous People)
Release Date – 2011
Rating – 3/5

If you were thinking it has been too long since I reviewed a Sleaze Box release then you are right.  It has been far too long!  Sleaze Box is the company behind Amerikan Holokaust, Death-scort Service, $kumbagz, Burglar from Hell, and many more.  Since they got in the distribution business they have been sending out some very unique indie productions.

A few months back they announced that they would be releasing the 2011 Saint Matthew film The Great American Serial Killer.  Chris, the man behind Sleaze Box, was kind enough to send over a review copy of the film.  A few things came up and I wasn’t able to review it in a timely manner.  When I saw July 4th was approaching I thought it would be fitting to hold and review it for the holiday.  ‘Murica!


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Dr. Stone (Benevish) as he interviews convicted serial killer Robert Kemp (Servo).  Kemp was convicted of raping and murdering over thirty women and men in the 1990s.  Now, Dr. Stone wants to help the families affect get closure.  He asks Kemp about each murder and Kemp is more than happy to tell him in gory detail.**Spoiler Alert**

Indie horror has tackled serial killers thousands of times before.  Some go about it in the found footage way, some go about it in the torture porn way, while others try to set themselves apart.  The Great American Serial Killer didn’t try to reinvent the wheel but did offer up a smoother ride than most with some great traction.

The acting in this one is indie rich.  The cast shows a lot of heart and dedication but their inexperience shows in every scene.  With time and more practice these will go on to become household names when it comes to indie horror.

The story for this one is not that original.  We follow a doctor who is talking to a killer about the murders he committed this has been done so many times before in one capacity of another usually with a doctor or detective.  This is nothing new.  What this film does to set itself apart is that it embraces the serial killer cliches and how much dedication and intensity Todd Servo brings to the table.  His performances really makes this story stick.

Finally, the film has several on screen kills.  A majority of the kills are by gunshot to the head which is fantastic.  The film uses some amazing practical effects that rival any big budget feature while others use visual effects that doesn’t look bad but it does stand out.  We do get a bloody decapitation but it takes place off screen due to budgetary constraints.  Overall, The Great American Serial Killer is a no budget wonder.  The film is intense at times and has a great amateur performance from Todd Servo.  I recommend checking this one out.


Written by Blacktooth

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