The White Lie

The White Lie is a new horror/gore short movie from actor/writer/director/producer ….etc…. Ron DeCaro. Ron’s first masterpiece was a love story, of sorts, about a man who has lost everything in life, and will soon lose his own..Eating Razors. That film was a 28 minute rollercoaster ride of emotion and dreamlike gore.

But wait….then comes his second effort and this one is well, all I can really say is this….. Fucking Brutal!! Doing drugs and getting yourself into trouble with the dealers and money being owed can really mess you up. And this is a story of a person that has been doing all of that, and more. Here is the plot, straight from Ron’s MySpace account: Description: Tyler Steadman owes a debt and today he will pay.

One of the most disturbing and horrific short film ever made. This film contains adult language, graphic violence, gore, and disturbing themes. Not for the easily offended. You’ve been warned!!! And yes I have been warned…..and what do I have to say about this….. Very nice work Ron.

It’s hard to imagine what you and your wife were thinking at the time that you thought about this, but whatever it was you got it out on film very nice. I don’t easily get offended and hardly anything can push my buttons, but this film does come close. Extreme subject matter and taboos when you are talking about any kind of killing involving kids and even babies. What is worse and defiantly adds to the effect is the fact that you don’t see any of the killings, you can only hear it. Seeing the lights flash on the baby monitor and hearing the loud screams gives you chills up your spine. This may rival some of ToeTags stuff, August and Mordem have a lot more gore and violence in them, but the acting is far fro superb.

Given more time, a little more money, and more anything and I guarantee that Ron will put up something that will be just as brutal, if not more. Cleaned up and polished camera work and editing. The music adds to the film without getting noisy. Great work on the special effects and worth every hour that you put into it. I’m glad to see that some of the brutal scenes seem to be worth watching for the moral of the story. Simply meaning, it seems like the killing is somewhat justified. The acting is very good and I’m glad to see that Ron is not in this one. Not that he is not any good at acting, but it would be hard to try and oversea everything and all of the details that you want in a movie, all while acting in it. All of his concentration is on the making of the film and not the acting. You can really tell too. This short is only 11 minutes long, but it seems much longer. One of the best things about this movie is the fact that everything seems real, and everything works on a human level.

Shit like this happens all of the time and no one wants to hear about it, but everyone wants to see it. I would really like to see this character in the movie more in depth and would love to get a glimpse of his life and the shit he goes through as a drug addict. More importantly I would love to see the other character, the killer, and see what he is got going on. I really like the fact that this is short but has multiple story lines that could really be explored in depth with a longer movie. The killer, the addict, the wife that really means and wants more from life, and the one that could seem to care less about life. All of them are people that are out there and living everyday.

Ron has a meaning behind the madness here, and for many of us it will hit home. Everyone knows the agony and the torture that is drug addiction, but no one sees the consequences. This movie does a good job of getting the point across in such a brutally honest way that I think it should almost be required viewing for many kids and adults dealing with addiction. Do drugs and get your life fucked up…..this will happen. All in this entire movie is a much better effort that Eating Razors was. The editing is cleaned up and not too many effects were thrown in there that diverts the attention. The story is there and goes very well and the actors do a very good job of getting that point out in a realistic way. The gore and special effects ere wonderful. Not too much to seem like its going overboard and thrown in there just for the gross out factor, but not too little for you wanting more.

Ron and crew put in something like 200 plus hours for just an 11 minute short and you can tell that they took their time and did everything perfect. Very good work Ron and crew, I cannot wait for the next one!!!


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