How To Make A Low-Budget Digital Movie

lbs‘How To Make A Low-Budget Digital Movie’ is 49-cent eBook (64 pages, with 35 photos and charts) published as an Amazon short by The mini book, geared toward first-time feature film production, focuses on how beginners can complete a feature film.

‘How To Make A Low-Budget Digital Movie’ is a 13,460 word, 49-cent, how-to mini book, for first-time filmmakers that will save them time and money in their first feature film effort. With 35 photos and charts, and links to sample scripts and videos on how-to-do special effects, this book encompasses over 200 pages of valuable material for budding filmmakers.

It covers what the author learned on three films: the first two, shorts, where no one was paid, and a feature where everyone was paid via a payroll company with a $6,000 employment budget. In many ways this is a “how not to make a feature film” book in that it covers more disasters than the author ever imagined he’d face, and how he and his staff solved them.

There are many great references out there on writing, directing, cinematography, so this book does not go into those areas in depth. What it does give in it’s 13,460 words is what the author wished I knew before he started on his first feature film. It talks about everything from the problems of working with a prima donna actress, to giving actors real guns, and gives checklists filmmakers can use to help them manage their own films.

It also discusses using creativity to overcome things such as not having a budget for stuntmen, as the author did to show a hit and run accident. In fact, there is almost an ongoing discussion about how to solve problems without throwing money at them. With its links to scripts and videos on special effects techniques it comes to well over 200 pages, all for a whopping 49 cents. Anyone who is planning on making a first film will find something of value in this book, even if it is just a way to save money.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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