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Anti Horror


Alright heres a new one for you, well at least to me.

Fans of the extreme and gory horror should take a liking to this one. “Anti Horror” is the name of the film from director Don Benjamin. This is a movie about making a movie, and the characters find themselves involved in real life horror. Ive seen a few like this before all with good results and Im sure this one will be the same.

The site has the trailer and some good information on the film as well as some interesting facts from the shoot. This one has numerous awards including best special effects, and best horror movie from the Twisted Sinema Underground Festival in Canada. Nicely done.

Anti-Horror is a motion picture that takes the viewer behind the scenes for the making of a horror movie where the screams off the set are far more real than the screams on the screen.

The picture chronicles the third attempt at filmmaking for director Gregory Kane and he is determined to do anything to complete the project. Gregory and his small troupe of actors take a perilous journey to a secluded location known as Ravens Hollow, which is haunted with legends of cannibalism and historically gruesome murders.

The production slips out of control when the participants are lured away from the gruesome script and find themselves in the middle of a massacre of their own.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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