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Stupid Teenagers Must Die gets distribution

stupidStupid Teenagers Must Die! secures North American distribution through Vanguard Cinema.

BUENA PARK, CA – June 08, 2007 – Wiggy VonSchtick and Off Set Pictures have finalized an agreement with Vanguard Cinema for the North American distribution rights to Stupid Teenagers Must Die!

It is the directorial debut of Jeff C. Smith.

Set in the 1980’s, Stupid Teenagers Must Die! tells the story of a group of teenagers that hold a séance in a haunted house. All the typical 80’s horror movie characters are there: the cool hero, the innocent girlfriend, the goth chick, the tough guy, the beautiful blonde girl, the shy guy in love with the beautiful blonde girl, a couple of lipstick lesbians and two big geeks.

In true low budget 80’s horror movie fashion, weird things start happening around the house. One dimensional characters are dying preposterously bloody deaths, girls are getting naked for no apparent reason and people walk into dangerous, pitch black rooms saying classic lines like, “Is someone in here?” As the poor, hapless kids are sliced and diced, it’s up to our hero to lead the remaining survivors to safety before the house is filled with stupid dead teenagers.

The film stars:
Jovan Meredith (Overbrook Productions’ 125th And Nowhere)
Ashley Schneider (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Devin Marble (Men’s Room)
Lindsay Gareth (The Comebacks)
Renee Dorian (The Mangler Reborn).

Vanguard Cinema intends to release the film in North America on September 25, 2007.

The international distribution rights to Stupid Teenagers Must Die! are still available.

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