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Deadwood Park

deadpJacob flees his home when he gets some unexpected news from his girlfriend and heads back to the house he had spent his first 8 years in. The country bumpkin old town’s residents are sparse and wonder what the hell would someone want to come back to their town when most people are just dying to get out of there and move on to bigger and better things.

Dogwood Park used to flourish as a very popular amusement park until the child murders started and the tourists dwindled away to nothing and the park just became old skeletal frames of it’s former rides and roller coaster. As Jacob and Olivia walk around inside the deserted old park you get a good view at this vast broken down ghost town of a park and you can easily see why the people there nicknamed it Deadwood Park.

When Jacob gets to the house you can tell he is disappointed at its current rundown condition but refuses to stay anywhere but there. Paper thin walls with plaster sprinkled along the floors already cluttered with debris and fals crispy brown leaves. Memories of him and his twin brother Frances cloud his mind constantly as he stays in that house. Francis, unfortunately was the last one of the 26 victims over the course of 35 years.

I enjoyed everything from the abandoned park, to the mystery that slowly but surely rolls out in front you. Anyone who reads the likes of Weird NJ would be pretty fuckin smitten with everything about this film. The haunting in his childhood home is subtle yet very effective on the viewer. Stanze is a director that essentially thinks outside the box and the results on film are always clearly evident.