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Bob Berdella

BPOSTERfinalCheck out the new film Berdella. Its still not finished, but its coming soon. Another story of a serial killer that is smack dab in the middle of a nice neighborhood, just snaggin up people left and right. The film is from Northeast Film Group and they are currently looking for some extras, so check out the plot and their site for more info…

Bob Berdella, Kansas City’s most notorious serial killer, was most notable for luring young men to his home throughout the 1980s. He drugged them and tortured them, repeatedly experimenting to see how much pain he could cause them and still keep them alive. And when he went too far, his victims died. He cut up their bodies and set them out with the garbage. Finally, one victim jumped out a window and fled the house wearing nothing but a dog collar. With that incident, police broke the case, and Berdella confessed to seven killings in a deal that spared him of the death penalty

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  1. Im new to this site and would like to be emailed information on how to see the the movie bob berdella when it comes out in september 2009. If im not a member and dont have any kind of access email is

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