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dentistThe Dentist


I watched The Dentist not expecting too much and that was exactly what I got. Unfortunately, it was directed by Brian Yuzna and I have liked his films in the past, like his work directing Bride of Re-Animator, Return of the Living Dead 3, and Society . I guess I have not seen much of his work as of late, but he has been busy writing and producing as well.

I really felt like Corbin Bernsen’s character was the ONLY believable character in the whole film and he really carried what little there was to the film that I enjoyed. Stuart Gordon was one of the writers’ as well and that also gave me mixed feelings. He directed Robot Jox and that film was utter rubbish! There was one or two scenes of carnage and gore that were cool, but that was it. The film had that sort of “after-school special” or Lifetime Network to it…I viewed the whole film and was semi-interested until the last 30 minutes or so where I was just loathing the film and could not wait for it to end.

It was very cheesey and did nothing for me. Ken Foree was in it as a cop and had a very minor character and it reminded me of how great he was in the film Dawn of the Dead. I do not recommend seeing this film unless its movie-turd night.

Written by ShuTang

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  1. great review Bryan. haha movie-turd night. Is that when you watch movies and eat microwaved turd balls for snacks?

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