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Night Fangs (2005)

night fangsDirected by: Ricardo Islas

Finally I have come across another gem hidden in the independent horror ruff. Night Fangs from Ricardo Islas was the most gruesome fun I’ve had in ages. He keeps it true with blood, gore, boobs, and lesbian teachers who seek out the secret of being able to live forever. In order to do this they need to get a hold of Elizabeth Bathory’s diary which holds all the answers to their obsessed questions.

Lesbian lovers Lupe and Jennifer can’t wait to make their sacrifice for sake of becoming immortal. They meet a horny male online who thinks he’s getting ready to get his freak on with the both of them. Well the only hard thing for him, was his death. The two have day jobs as art teachers. Their prized pupil Amy is sweet and very talented with molding the clay into whatever she feels.

Steve, Amy’s boyfriend doesn’t trust those dyke teachers and swear they have something hidden up their sleeves for Amy. Either they want her for a lover or maybe even some other weird reason that he just can’t put his fingers on. When Amy goes to Lupe and Jennifer’s house to finish her sculpture for class Steve can’t stand waiting for her to be done. Once the two lesbians get their virgin to sacrifice will the spell even work? Can they possibly live forever?

Fangs protrude from their mouths and they become ravenous for blood. Steve and his friends plus their teacher Professor Nashy go to the house and sneak inside. Will they find Amy or is it already too late? The flies loudly buzz as the odor of death wafts up their noses and Professor Nashy says an accusatory of “Who farted?” This movie for me was the perfect Halloween watch and I don’t think it’s given nearly enough credit where it’s due…have a blast!

Written by AngryPrincess

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