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New York Blood

This movie was disappointing for me. I was told, it was going to be a pretty decent flick. I think I was really expecting too much and I think it’s because the music community pumped it up with so much hype since Vinny Stigma from the hardcore band Agnostic Front is the lead character Vinny. He is a tough Italian mobster type who sells drugs and loves the hookers.

Vinny and one of his side kicks go to pick up his pops Lorenzo from prison. That man ain’t even home probably 24 hours and already he’s fuckin shit up. Lorenzo is a cold blooded killer and if you mess with him you’ll more than likely end up in the grave. He is ruthless and you get to see him pull a mans bloody eyeball from it’s socket- you can tell that he really enjoys his work!

One day while Lorenzo is hanging out at the escort service keeping an eye on the girls a situation gets out of hand and the next thing you know he’s in the bathroom sawing up body parts to get rid of. Vinny finds out and is beside himself- more fuckin stress to deal with. So now everything’s all cleaned up but Lorenzo hears two of the girls talking about what happened and he knows they gotta go.

Back to the bathroom with the saw. Vinny knows that the heat is on and more than likely they are going to end up behind bars or dead. I bet Vinny wishes pops never got out of the joint after all the bodies started to pile up. Should Vinny hide his dad somewhere so no one can get to him? Or should Vinny just say “screw it” and pop off one right between daddy’s eyes? New York Blood will sure be a hit amongst all the Agnostic Front fans but what will you think of it?

Written by AngryPrincess

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