DTOX Issue 0 Asylum Press

dtoxDTOX No. 0: Special Biohazard Edition
Written by Frank Forte
Illustrated by Nenad Gucunja; Cover by Nenad Gucunja
Asylum Press, July 2007

Reviewed by Bryan Schuessler

At only 11 pages of glossy-paged artwork and story, I was hoping for more. When I say more, I mean that 11 pages is really just an appetizer for any comic book or story to really hook the reader. The comic was something that I wish was longer and explored the character, DTOX, much more. DTOX is the story of an anti-hero who goes around in a post-nuclear world that has no law and order and takes the law into his own hands, eviscerating scumbags that are going around in gangs stealing, infecting, and raping women.

At first glance, the decent artwork could have almost passed off for a children’s comic but once the bloody-gore and boobs surface, its not something you would want even most teenagers to be reading. DTOX was a very fun comic to read and I especially like the detail that went into the different characters and villains that were introduced, some for only a short period of time until DTOX wasted them! My favorite character, aside from the hotter-than-shit KILLVIXEN in her black Catwoman-esque latex suit was the HELLDOG which comprised of the body of a dog, but where its head would be there is a human hand that is 3/4 the size of the dog’s body.

There are some very cool mutant and monster gore and I think the artwork is what truly stood out for me in this oversized-format comicbook. It is not an intelluctually-driven comicbook, but how could it be? A story that centers around a one-man wrecking machine, DTOX, that cleans up the vile and sexually-driven toxic abnormalities, keeping those mutants from savagely raping the remaining stunning women that have not been infected, fighting to survive? One can only feed upon the readers’ disgust for the villains evil intentions and rally behind DTOX and wish only the worse upon the bad guys.

In DTOX’s arsenal to fight the evils of post-nuclear society is a 45-foot tall tank, armed to the hilt with multiple gun turrets of modern military design of which reminded me of the COBRA tank design in the old G.I. Joe cartoons of the ’80s. DTOX himself (itself) looks like a gorilla-shaped “man” whose skin is camouflaged in gray and olive, while wearing an old gas mask and an army helmet fitted with spikes. Along with knee-high shit-kickers, belts of ammo draping over his shoulders in an X fashion and a gun big enough to take out a city-block this hard ass is ready for battle. I would be curious to see how this comic book from Asylum Press grows and evolves.

As I said, Issue 0 was just an appetizer for me that left a nice taste in my mouth. If one likes their comics fairly light-hearted with some crude humor, sexy women, and vile mutants that one almost cannot take too seriously, then DTOX is their type of comic book. It is definitely worth a look!

Written by ShuTang

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