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So I get this film in the mail the other day, and the cover is one that I do not recognize. I’m sure that someone has contacted me about the film at one point in time or the other. Films fly in here all of the time and yes its hard to keep track of them.

I throw it into the DVD player and hit play… its only 7 minutes long, and starts out in Italian with subtitles. Now after the 7 minutes are up, I am really amazed that everything I just saw can be crammed into this short. Ahh now I remember!!

Langliena is the name!

Story starts out with a guy documenting his venture into the woods and stumbling upon a log cabin. He says he is always around and wanted to see what is in the cabin for a long time, so this time he enters.

Well he finds what turns out to be a ghoul, yes a ghoul. I have only seen a few movies that feature any type of ghoul like creature in them so my take on ghouls are little dwarf like things. You know kinda like oompa-lumpas but more zombie like. Well turns out these fuckers can be truly menacing. This thing is creepy looking, and I would have to shit my self if I came stumbling upon this thing as well.

He enters the cabin and its filled with your usual chain devices, meat hooks, and stuff like you would see in your local slaughterhouse. Dripping with blood, dark, dreary, and so realistic looking that you can almost smell the blood on the floor and the dampness of the place. So this guy freaks out and takes off. Well looks like he was not alone during his adventure, so you can only imagine what else happens. I cant tell you that, but you can imagine.

This film is creepy, dark, disturbing, and overall a nice professional short that gets right to the point and lets you know what you are in for. The ghoul and the general special effects are well done in the one. Looks like they had a decent budget and a decent crew to help out with this (Emanuele De Luca who was a protégé of Rosario Prestopino, an effects man who worked with Lucio Fulci, Ruggero Deodato, Michele Soavi, Lamberto Bava and many other big names in Italian horror). What took me by surprise is the fact the entire 10 minutes is really dark, but you can clearly see what is going on. The changes in the lighting from dark to light to darker give the film a real atmosphere, and brings you closer to the feeling of the main character. A lot of films that I come across, being indie films, just cant seem to get the shots done right in the dark. Horror films are dark by nature, but that does not mean you have to film them in the dark!

I loved this short, a lot actually, so much so… it will be played at Summer Slaughter in Chicago sometime in July, so you that are in the area can see what an Indie Horror Short is supposed to be like!

Written by AngryPrincess