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Blood Car

BLOOD CAR (2007) Directed by Alex Orr

Set a bit into the future, gas prices have skyrocketed to a whopping $40 a gallon. Archie Andrews (Mike Brune), a humble vegan schoolteacher who’d do anything to help keep the world green, tries to find a way to get people driving again. But what will be the cost? Convinced that wheat grass is the new gasoline of the future, Archie endures a hilarious adventure once he realizes blood is the key ingredient to making his ambitious dreams come true.

Highly recommended. This laugh-out-loud funny dark comedy portrays the crazy adventures that happen to a normal guy who has honest intentions of doing something simple, yet it spirals hopelessly out of control. Fans will be happy to see a grown up Anna Chlumsky from the film “My Girl” playing a sweet vegan, who works a wheat grass stand across from the sexy Meat Girl. Blood Car unabashedly symbolizes the “Blood=Oil” metaphor but it is done so well I dare anyone not to laugh. Compared to the redundancy in theatres today, the concept is fresh and admirable, especially on such a low budget. The crew were all friends in college, so the output was a much better collaborative turnout than if it were from a large studio where everyone disagrees on things.