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Scooty and Jo Jo Review

pressphototranwebReview: Scooty and Jo Jo’s Diva Brunch By Brian Kirst   

Where/When/How: The Spot, 4437 N. Broadway. Chicago, IL. Open Run. Sundays at 11 am and 1 pm. $35 (Includes show, beverages and full brunch/breakfast). 773-728-8934.

“Come on in!” – Dr. AC, author of Horror 101 on the variety to be found in the alternative/horror community.

Like John Waters meets Ann Margret in Vegas meets Vincent Price in Dr Phibes (Jo Jo does work the keyboard with maniacal glee), Scooty and Jo Jo’s Diva Brunch at The Spot contains enough pizzazz and joy to last one through an entire week of mundane 9 to 5 activity.

Scooty and Jo Jo, creators of the very successful Carpenter’s Halloween (a brilliant amalgamation of the horror film classic and the soft 70’s rock of the Carpenters), have indeed come up with another revolutionary concept. The statuesque Scooty (who almost appears to be floating around on stilts in some of his costumes) glides through the main floor at The Spot hosting and entertaining with verve while the friendly restaurant staff waits on the customers with quick wit and resolve.

Highlights of a mid-March show (each weekend features 3 different guest entertainers as well) included Scooty’s dazzling, tender take on Janis Ian’s At Seventeen and local actress/rocker Bethany Thomas’ growling, sensual performance of  The Beatles’ Helter Skelter (yet another horror film reference, folks!).

With an exploding array of drag artists, witty covers (morphing Rent’s “Seasons of Love” into “Seasons of Lent”) and the Spot’s delicious menu, Scooty and Jo Jo have indeed found the ultimate solution to feeding your belly and your inner freak at the very same time!