The Sky Has Fallen Review

theskyhasfallenimage2Review: The Sky Has Fallen By Brian Kirst

Rachel: Why use a sword?

Lance: It never runs out of bullets.

Writer/director Doug Roos’ dialogue heavy, (almost) two character piece The Sky Has Fallen could probably fit just as well on a theatrical stage as a movie screen. Exploring the relationship between two survivors of a plague-like virus as they cat and mouse it with ‘the leader’ and his red n’ dead creatures, Roos creates both a sympathetic point of view and a world of oozing horror as well.

Of course, The Sky Has Fallen’s whole is made up of many familiar parts – think operatic Clint Eastwood spaghetti western with a Kung Fu twist, Love Story with a slightly higher death count or Hellraiser 3 in a field – all could apply, yet Roos’ vision is still original enough to fully entertain.

Of course, Roos would be at a loss without two strong leads to rely on. Thankfully, Carey MacLaren as sword wielding dynamo Lance and Laurel Kemper as revenge encrusted Rachel definitely hold the picture aloft on their two very capable shoulders – offering up performances of taut depth and humor. Their frequent secret-filled remembrances may make fans of immediate gratification a tad bit jumpy, but those looking for some truth among the meat and wire will truly find much to enjoy here.

The zombie-like creatures that stumble through Roos’ world are also worthy of note. As mind controlling experiments, these beings bristle with raw flesh and rudimentary piercings making The Sky Has Fallen a visual marvel as well.


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