Killing Ariel- On DVD June 16th

Rick is your all around good guy. He goes to his boss’s party and resists the advances of all the beautiful women, and this is the swinging 70’s and his boss even offers him his beautiful wife. He goes home to loving wife and deals with the kids and there misgivings then hops into bed. While he is sleeping a demon sexually attacks him and now he is completely under her spell.

He suddenly has like a midlife crisis and buys a sports car and takes a girl he met named Ariel to his childhood home which he tells his wife is is getting it ready to sell. Really weird things start happening and he keeps having strange nightmares and visions that are causing him to act out making Ariel think he is a complete wacko. He’ll be lying in the bed with her and he’ll glance over and it will be some other woman or even his wife.

Ariel tells him he is just dealing with a guilty conscious and brings him back to bed for another exhausting romp that leaves him drained. He makes his way up to the attic and finds his father’s journal. Reading it he becomes convinced that Ariel is the demon that once took hold of his mother. He hears something and turns around to see the naked man that he remember seeing his mother with as a child and just knows he is evil.

Killing Ariel was confusing and if I didn’t have a synopsis for it I don’t know what I would of thought it was about. That doesn’t mean it was bad, I actually really liked it. The best parts were when he was piecing everything together and one scene imparticular scene with a disembodied head that he brings home with him. Can Rick get his head together and rid himself of the evil clinging demon?

4 outta 5 Slashes 

Written by AngryPrincess


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  1. Are you kidding me, from the previews to the credits (GAG, waste of $1.07, as a matter of fact keep the money, I want my time back {Damn Redbox, Never again}).

  2. my name is ariel and im alive and will remain until i am dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pound it!!!!!!!!!brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in a girly tone

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