Hotlips Messiah ‘Mutants Unite’ Review

m_9618b10f74904876812ec87a54cbafff1Review: Hotlips Messiah ‘Mutants Unite!’ CD. By Brian Kirst

“Like Godzilla’s young master,
Like a zombie that’s gay –
(reviewer’s homage to Hotlips Messiah’s ‘Fell in Love’)

Anyone who has caught the brash, undead pogo-stylings of Chicagoan supergroup Hotlips Messiah (recently at the “Otto” zombie premiere at the Lake Shore Theatre or at a brilliant show at last summer’s Flesh Hungry Dog Show) has undoubtedly been longing for their CD debut. Well, thanks to bass playing maniac Richard Bastard’s ‘what the fuck’ attitude, the world now has the muscular, sweat strewn ‘Mutants Unite’ to behold!

While song titles like ‘Deformed Babies’ and ‘Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in my Brain and Grooving with a Pickaxe’ alone are enough to appeal to horror loving fans, it is the band’s synth laden, classic alienated punk vibe (like X Ray Spex meets The Damned meets the puny, bloodied cousin of Rage Against the Machine) that will definitely seal the deal here. Meanwhile, Traci Trouble’s emotive hellion meets screwed up Laura on permament vacation from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ antics throb through the brain, firmly grabbing hold of the confused youth in all of us. And with her dominative carriage of ‘Number Twelve Looks Just Like You’ and ‘Robotron 2084’, angst seems like a familiar species once again.

Indeed, with ‘Mutants Unite’, Trouble and the rest of Hotlips Messiah definitely remind us what a contrary (“Like stepping in dog shit, like acid rain…I fell in love today”), scary (“Make your poisons mutagenic, make your drugs carconogenic”) and powerful place (“We’re done with stupid normalcy. No more bland mediocrity. We’re gonna fight, we’re gonna bite.”) the world can be. Thank the Gruesome Goddess that we finally have a permanent recording of them to help lead us through it all!