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Serial Amoral Uprising Review

Trenton Wade Bracks never had a chance.

In Serial Amoral Uprising Director KM Jamison introduces us to Trenton’s world giving us an indication of how and when things started to go so wrong. An abusive junkie mother and a weak father who never took a stand until it was too late were just part of the downfall.

Serial Amorial Uprising is a short introduction to the future film that will guide us though the rise and fall of a serial killer one death at a time. In this early version we see thru the eyes of both a young Trenton with sadness and despair as well as an older Trenton fresh out of the pen with a reckless behavior.

As a first time endeavor the director and entire crew were able to produce a great film. Serial Amoral Uprising is an intriguing story rich with details shown in manner that each and every scene evokes feelings and connects you to the characters in a powerful way.  Similar style and gritty feel as HENRY, Serial takes you on a journey of Trenton with a no holds barred, but genuine look at who, what, and why he is the way he is. Serial is a moving, dark and emotional tale of a serial killer with massive amounts of blood and gore thrown in the 50 minutes of the movie. The special effects are very real looking, well put together and overall very professional for an indie crew. Although the movie is not action packed with countless scenes of murder and mayhem, the movie moves right along with a good pace due to excellent story telling by Jamison, and superb editing by DP – Mike Scola. Technically the film is almost perfect with just the right amounts of shaky cam to give you an uneasy feeling, and long framed shots to get you in the mood. The editing slick slick and tight along with the film being shot in HD, the end result looks great! Each and everyone of the cast puts on a believable job of telling each of the characters stories. From the junkie mother, caring father, and the great performances by Carson Jones and Christopher Howell.

I personally am thrilled to be a part of this almost right from the beginning and I cant wait to see what comes next from Kevin as this is his first time directing. Over 2 years of writing, planning, and shooting, Serial Amoral Uprising gives us a glimpse of what is to come for the feature…. yes this is just the beginning….

As shooting for the full length film continues I am anxious to see how much trouble Trenton Wade Bracks can and will get into and whether this man has a moral conscious or was just doomed from the beginning. Shooting will take place in 2010 with a full feature hopefully by next Halloween.

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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