Richard John Walters (My Bloody Valentine 3D)

MV5BMTU1NTE4MjQ2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDUxNTY3MQ@@__V1__SX100_SY140_Richard John Walters: Tangoing in Gore with My Bloody Valentine 3D’s Prime Villain. By Brian Kirst

“If you’ve got stones enough to go on stage, you’ve got my respect,” Richard John Walters (the legendary Harry Warden in the grisly n’ popular My Bloody Valentine 3D) firmly states. This, of course, is something Walters knows much about personally. “I was in law school and I sat in the back all the time, afraid to speak. I decided I would never allow that to happen – so I took an acting class.” Soon, theater roles and then commercials and film followed for this proud Pittsburgh dweller, still practicing law when he isn’t scary the pants off of CW superstars.

008SMP_Richard_John_Walters_001“My Bloody Valentine 3D has definitely given me the most notice and notoriety – I mean, no one has ever wanted an autograph from any of my other projects. I don’t need to be the center of attention, but yesterday I met this guy with calluses on his hands. I mean he worked for a living and it was great. He was so excited to meet Harry Warden. I loved it.”

Walters’ love extends to the making of the axe worthy project itself, as well. “It’s a funny thing but compared to other projects, maybe because of the blood and other elements, people seem to have fun and really enjoy it. They are really happy doing horror. Patrick Lussier is a good guy…Jensen Ackles is a nice guy…and the camera – was big!”

4067904196_91943f0f82_oAs for the hazards of filming, “The mine was cramped and damp. I was trying to do my thing and hit my head on the roof – it created some difficulty. But you’ve got to stay in it. When you think of who will see you when you’re acting- 2 million people will see me do this! – then you’re fucked!”

Still, dance enthusiast Walters states, “I would love for them to do a sequel where Harry Warden is in a psycho house for years and then comes back and battles Jensen Ackles. We could be throwing pick axes at each other!”

And while he is not considering a move to the more artistically fertile grounds of LA at this point, he does have his dream project. “One of my favorite films is the Bad Lieutenant with Harvey Keitel. A role like that would turn me on!”

Written by BrianK