Review: Chuckle’s Revenge

Chuckle’s Revenge. (Interactive DVD). Reviewed by Brian Kirst

Short and sweet, Run Amuk Media’s Chuckle’s Revenge follows the misadventures of 22 year old Kristen as she realizes the clown she ‘pants’-ed at on her 21st birthday party has returned and is out for limb flowing revenge.

Featuring such horror film staples as bloody showers, frantic damsels in distress and a murderous clown (with a chainsaw bearing his name as an added perk), creator Adam Prusan and director Tara Robinson keep things moving along quickly, aided by the interactive menus that allow you to decide their nervous fillies’ fates at appropriate moments. While this device is similar to Scotchworthy Productions’ Its My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To, that doesn’t spoil the enjoyment factor. It actually is quite fun to discover that pressing certain arrows will allow for a brain splattering resolution or two.

Fun and simple to the extreme, Chuckle’s Revenge also features some truly goofy ‘n memorable moments (a young beleaguered damsel shrieking upon finding a balloon animal floating in a pool vent, for example) and delivers the goods performance wise with the beautiful (upcoming scream queen) Nicola Fiore. As Kristen, Fiore truly provides the smart stupidity of every recognizable final girl– helping to make Chuckle’s Revenge a step above the norm of most no budget productions.

Written by BrianK

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