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Phoonk 2

I dare you… I Double Dog Dare You….

Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has challenged the public to watch his upcoming horror film ‘Phoonk 2′ alone in a theatre, promising a cash prize to the person who manages to do so. Varma threw the challenge while promoting his film in India’s showbiz capital Mumbai in the western state of Maharashtra on February 22. Varma said he would award five lakh rupees to the one who would be able to finish watching the film all by himself or herself.

The film tells the story of an evil spirit ruining the peace of a family that has shifted to a new town.

Varma had issued the same challenge before the release of ‘Phoonk’ in 2008, but the person who took on the challenge was unable to watch the film for even 30 minutes, and exited the theatre.

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  1. Since i dont live in mumbai i cant take this challenge but i would love to see this and also take this challenge ARRRRRGHGGHGH id love to

  2. I accept, accept. How do we go about it ??? I can't wait to see it, all films are not real, what's there to be scared of????

  3. i want to except ram gopal challenge because i can watch this movie alone my own, what do i need to do,to take this challenge. please let me know.

    contact no


  4. All horror films supernatural or grotesque in any way is a joke. I've seen so many and either find the movie simply boring or comical at best. A challenge like this is just simply a promotion of the movie.

  5. 10,000 USD to simply watch a movie??? It's just a movie!! How scary can a movie be ???.

    I'll watch it at midnight, alone, in a dark creepy haunting cemetary for that money LOLL.

    I live in Holland, but would book the flight immediately, if challenged.

  6. Haha this is just like paranormal activities, it sayd super scary bla bla and i ended up laughing my ass off at that boring movie, think this is even more boring then that, man this challenge is just to good to be true

    they will pick an actor anyway who can act scared so no one gets the money

  7. I would do it in a heartbeat, but does this challenge go all over the world or just in India ?

    Come on, Sweden is a good place to do this !

  8. Exorcist? I watched THE EXORCIST when i was 7 dude. Now i'm 19. Sign me in. NOTHING can scare me out. This challenge is a piece of cake.

  9. I accept the challenge of Mr. Ramgopal verma & requested him to make ready Rs./- 5 lacs to award me & also tell where to apply……IF REALLY MR VERMA HAS GUTS PLS ACCEPT MY CHALLENG……….hA!!

  10. I am rady to this challenge & i got it but i don't no where his office address for apply tell me fast about this.

  11. i want to except ram gopal challenge because i can watch this movie alone my own, what do i need to do,to take this challenge. please let me know.




  12. I am ready to take this challenge. I am living in chennai. I would be requesting you to arrange or facilitate to get me of now I am in Bangalore.

    My Bangalore # 9739627427

    My chennai Mobile No: 9790918398

    My mail ID

    My postal address : 18/63, Annamalaiyar 3rd St, West mambalam, Chennau-33.

  13. Recall, if u will the evergreen classics of the yesteryears. Kubrick’s “The Shining”, De Palma’s “Carrie”, Rosenberg’s “The Amityville Horror”, Cunnigham’s “Friday the 13th” to Kim Chapiron’s “Sheitan”. And along with that RGV & his Factory is bnever far behind. “Bhoot”, “Vaastushastra”, “Phoonk” have send shivers down the spine. “Phoonk 2” appears be be even more darker. SO BE IT.. I shalt be bold enough to take this dare… BRING IT ON!!

  14. hi,iam bernadine Rauut ,as RGV has thrown a challenge for watching phoonk2 ,so i accept the challenge of watching this movie all alone with all my guts my mobile no is 9820319264 and my email id is above
    waiting for reply eagerly asap.

  15. i have not seen a horror movie i could not finish and wish i could accept this challenge please tell me how

  16. I am ready to take your challenge but I want to know your terms & condition.Whenever you call me, I wiil present to accept & complete your chalange.My mobile number is 9811977063,9555265727

  17. Hey man!I am daring man and ready to accept your challenge any time anywhere.My mobile number is 9650581448,9311363247.

  18. i challenge that this time phoon2 will be horror….

    iam confident that no one could see this 2nd part alone in the theatre………….

  19. how i can accept the challenge.

    &what the conditions for takeing challenge….

    because i wanna take challenge…….

  20. giv me a chance i vil break all d recordsof watching alone in cinema,cntct me fast 9833321502/9158508950

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