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Afterparty Massacre Updates

We just got word that there are a bunch of stills and behind the scenes photos of After Party Massacre. Check out the site to see more!

Giving a new twist to horror, the Afterparty Massacre, brings metal, blood and gore back to the screen! Written by Kristoff ( and Kyle Severn (Incantation, Acheron, and other various side projects), Afterparty Massacre is one killer party with mind-blowing amounts of blood, metal and flesh!

Afterparty Massacre centers around live performances by Acheron and Incantation. During the show they encounter a mysterious female fan, that becomes a bloodthirsty killer with a voyeuristic side to her. “She loves watching and waiting for the perfect moment to attack her victims. Her bloodlust can not be contained and in the final scenes she unleashes her wrath on the band as well as the crowd until no one is left standing!” Kristoff mentions.

Official Site
Behind the Scenes Photos

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