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Alice and the White Hair

We got an email the other day with a link to this movie… decided to check it out… so glad I did!! You have to check this out if you like highly stylized, tripped out, and beautifully shot scenes of… well… madness! Its a take on Alice in Wonderland, but dont let that fool you. This little short is one of the best things I have seen in a while. I love experimental movies and movies that make you think about what is going on and make you open your mind up a little. This one did just that.

Check out the synopsis below, and links to watch the film online for free!!

Lewis Carroll’s timeless novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” has been reinvented and adapted countless times since its original publication in 1865. Now, nearly 145 years later, writer and director Wyatt Denny has transformed the story into a brilliantly, visually imaginative film with metaphorical transformations and mature variances, allowing adults to re-experience the story once again. “Alice and the White Hair” is one of the most original and modern interpretations of the classic novel cinema has yet to experience.

While loitering outside a local liquor store, Alice and her friend Dinah are approached by the White Hare, an oddly painted albino man, and the Fallen Angel, a man covered in gold paint. After deciding to join the two strangers on a car ride, Alice is offered a blue-lit pill that begins to have visually mind-altering effects.

Alice suddenly awakes bound by chains in a dungeon-like basement, which proves to be just the beginning of her adventure through darkness and mystere.  Through the guidance of the White Hare, she engages in a game of Russian roulette with the Queen of Hearts, in the company of the King, Ace of Spades, the Fallen Angel, and her forgotten friend, Dinah.

Set into a trance of falsely believed death, Alice loses consciousness and slips into the depths of her own mind, full of more visions that foresee her potentially devastating future.

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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