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Bled White Review

I have to admit; Bled White caught my eye with its DVD cover a zombie screaming directly at me, and blood spelling out the title. Well, when I put the movie and began to watch it, I thought it was an average movie, until it hit me and I realized that this was one hell of a zombie flick. The film tells a few stories rather than just one linear story: 1) the story of two hit men who kill humans to feed to a zombie 2) the story of a wife and husband who hire two men to kill humans to feed to their dead zombie son 3) the story of a young couple who try to make it through the end of the world. They are both very stimulating stories and each one really made me feel for the characters. 

Right off the bat I noticed something about this film and that something is what really made me love this movie. Each story is like a serial and I can see (I don’t know if this is true) that this film pays a lot of tribute to Pulp Fiction in the sense that each story cuts off and picks up with another one. Each story is intertwined and it’s non linear, there is even this sense of pulpness and grittiness to the film that mirrors Quentin Tarantino flicks. There is great violence; there is stylization and great character development. That brings me to my next point…

Bled White really makes me care for its characters. Character development is very key when it comes to zombie flicks because it helps show the emotion and the struggle when surviving a zombie apocalypse. The hit men are characters that you love but hate at the same time because they are cruel and brutal, and one of them is looking for his wife and you can tell that he really has a heart but won’t show it. It’s a brilliant character arc. The father from the second story is very quiet but contemplative, he understands what his son is and he knows that him and his wife will eventually die but there is still some delusion left in him. It’s sad and I really felt for him out of all the rest. The director did a great job capturing the emotion that drives his characters. 

The other thing that it does, quite nicely too, is show us just how bleak the future after the zombie apocalypse is. The film is beautifully shot and it uses a wide array of filters and color correction to give us this threatening and cold world that the characters are in. There are scenes where it looks like the whole thing is in black and white but its not, it’s just washed out to show us how dead and cold things are. When its morning the sky is red and orange that maybe hints on the fact that there may have been an explosion or some kind of chemical that caused the atomic sky. The whole film is just wonderfully colorized. 

If you are a zombie fan I would not pass this movie up. The movie is like Pulp Fiction meets Zombieland meets Dawn of the Dead meets Benny Hill. It’s a fun time and I guarantee that it’s worth checking into. This is probably one of the few movies that I have see that has running zombies in it and doesn’t make me look away in disgust. So, if you have a chance to see it, give it a try… it’s one hell of a movie.

Written by FreddysFingers