Vampiress is Coming!

Vampiress is Coming! By Brian Kirst

There’s been Lemora, Dracula’s Widow, Vampira, Bloody Mary Bloody Mary. We also can’t discount the Vampyres or Sisters of Darkness, now can we?

But now there is a hot new vamp in town – which is fang-tastic news, especially as our new warm blood seeking mistress, Vampiress, is being represented in cinematic form by legendary scream queen, Debbie Dutch!

Vampiress director Phillip Cable describes his piece as good old AIP style exploitation and after last Saturday’s successful premiere of the film in Hollywood, all lovers of drive-in mayhem and true Scream Queens should be duly excited.

While news of the further sightings of Vampiress will be forthcoming, be sure to get ready for her nocturnal emergence by visiting Dutch’s dandy website – now!