Brooke Lewis Interview

Brooke Lewis: Getting Possessed by Slime City Massacre’s Passionate Ms. Vampy. By Brian Kirst

For someone who has been setting the internet world on fire as Ms. Vampy while simultaneously kicking the screws into Michael Pare as a one of the “Kinky Killers” during Showtime’s frequent airings, the amazingly eclectic Brooke Lewis definitely wasn’t looking to Vincent Price for artistic inspiration as a child.
“As a little girl, my mom took me to see “Annie” on Broadway and from then on, I knew I had to perform. I was obsessed with “Fantasy Island” and “Love Boat” as a kid, as well. I would talk to the TV and think I was on the island. I would think I was a character on television.”

Of course, these childhood fantasies were probably good preparation for Lewis whose recent roles in projects such as “Sprinkles”, “Slime City Massacre” and “Dahmer vs. Gacy” have taken her all over the map, emotionally and physically.

“I play the female lead in a film by Roger A. Scheck- a drama called “Sprinkles”. My character, Maura, had to build to emotional levels beyond most levels that actresses get to experience in hysterics- deep, moving, crying hysterics. Sometimes as an actress you lose the moment, but I had trusted my director with personal information about my grandfather whom I loved very much. At a certain point he brought this information up and it stirred my soul during a scene and it made it a real, real moment for me.”

In turn, a director whom fully put his trust in Lewis was Ford Austin in his highly anticipated “Dahmer vs. Gacy”. “I don’t know how the hell I did it, but multi-talented Ford Austin really put his trust in me. He told me he believed I was talented enough to do it and that he could help me get there,” Lewis says of her role, Tammy Hart, a big haired Tammy Faye Baker knock-off. “She was this big haired Texas chick and I didn’t believe in myself enough, but Ford was so supportive and he really worked with me. I killed it! I went to the premiere and I couldn’t even believe it was me. I could not believe my director channeled that in me. It’s a fun, fun character!”

Fun times abound for Lewis in the 2010 reimagining of “Slime City Massacre”, as well. “I played Nicole in Slime City Massacre. I had an orgy scene in flashbacks to 1959. I was rolling around on the ground with Robert Sabin from the original “Slime City Massacre” and his CGI tongue possesses my body and soul!”

As for roles, Lewis herself longs to be possessed by in the future? – “I am a huge Elizabeth Taylor fan, so Cleopatra. Mona from “My Cousin Vinny” is another dream role. Mona along with Elvira meets Betty Boop are my inspirations for Ms. Vampy. But my true, true dream? –  Cast me on “True Blood” to play a vampiress! I wanna play a vampiress on “True Blood” for the next ten years!”

But until that happens, Lewis enthusiastically ends this toothy missive with gracious appreciation. “I wanna thank the Horror Society readers and all my fans, horror and otherwise.  You all truly are the best!”