Enter The Dark Review

Something happens to my speech when I go from my normal demeanor to being really excited about something. I go from talking pretty how much I type when writing for HorrorSociety to talking like I grew up in the hood. “This movie is so good!” turns into, “Yoooooo this sh** is fu***** awesome! Yo, forreal!” That’s pretty much what happened while viewing Enter The Dark. Enter The Dark, ladies and gentlemen, is what independent film making is all about. The only negative thing I can comment on is the fact that one line towards the middle of this short film gives away the ending. With that said, I’ll be spending the rest of the interview telling you how good this horror film is!

Enter The Dark is a short horror film that focuses on two men trying to figure out why one of their houses is being haunted. One of the friends Rob, played by Rob Sandusky, is less than skeptical about the haunting and wants to go get drunk. Charles, played by Charles Yoakum, is very serious as it is his home and is affecting his family. Together, they investigate his dark home and are both scared and surprised by what they find lurking in the darkness.

Ok, where to begin…? Firstly, I need to give major acknowledgment to director Todd Miro, the actors, and other crew who put this film together. The sound was great. The lighting was beyond perfect. The script was very well written. Its pace was very even and held my attention the entire time. Some use of the camera was very innovative and I haven’t seen those techniques done in film recently. At first I thought, “I wish this was feature length because it’s awesome,” but then I realized it’s perfect as a short film.

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of horror films. So, I tend to expect certain things to happen at this point when it resembles a scene from another film. Enter The Dark does not contain one horror cliché, at least in my opinion. This is so rare in the genre lately. The suspense was built up so finely that it almost started making me have a claustrophobic reaction in my room. I even covered my eyes at one point near the end, something I haven’t done since I was watching Blair Witch Project when I was 9-years-old.

I really encourage everyone who reads this review to go out and watch Enter The Dark. You can watch it here for just $1.95. The stream even lasts 30 days so you can watch it again if you wish! Also, with that link you can find a list of awards they won or were nominated for. This is no shocker to me, seeing that I loved this film. I hope Enter The Dark goes on to win other awards at film festivals because it truly deserves it.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)